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Dear Geomicrobiologists, Geochemists, Sedimentologists, Friends of Microbialites and Microbial Mats:

The Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (MNHN) in Paris is pleased to announce the 2021 edition of the workshop Microbialites: formation, evolution, diagenesis (M-fed 2021). The scope of this meeting is to discuss emerging/state-of-the-art aspects of microbialite research, from molecules to fabrics, structures, early to late diagenetic processes, and the microbialite fossil record from the Anthropocene to the earliest traces of life. In an open forum, and with a prominent contribution from PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, we will scrutinize and build on current knowledge of microbialite formation, evolution and diagenesis. We will hold plenary keynote talks, contributed talks and posters sessions.

This workshop will also provide the opportunity to examine the MNHN Microbialite Collection that includes hundreds of specimens spanning more than 3 billion years of Earth History. Discussions in small breakout groups are also anticipated on specific topics such as methodologies used in microbialite research, community efforts for sample and data sharing, and collection curation.  

The workshop seeks to encourage early-career scientists and offers an opportunity to interact with peers and network with scientists of diverse backgrounds. Funding for students will be available.

In the context of the global COVID situation, several options are worked out presently: (i) a hybrid format, combining an onsite meeting for delegates who can travel, with an online meeting for those who cannot. All appropriate safety measures will be in place; or, if by that time physical presence is not possible at all, (ii) a virtual meeting.

Please continue to visit the website for updates, and looking forward to seeing you in Paris!

Pierre , Karim , Emmanuelle, Marie-Béatrice, Elodie, Juliette, Laurane, Ouafa, Elisabeth, Solange & Anthony 


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