Poster sessions

► Microbialites in modern freshwater environments

A newly described biomineralization process shared by numerous species?
Inès Segovia Campos, Agathe Martignier, Kilian Pollok, Falko Langenhorst, Jean-Michel Jaquet, Montserrat Filella, François Barja, Michael Melkonian and Daniel Artiztegui

Pleistocene carbonate buildups of Maquinchao Basin (North Patagonia)
Inès Eymard, María P. Alvarez, Andrés Bilmes, Crisogono Vasconcelos and Daniel Artiztegui

Carbonated system and stromatolites of Saint Pierre-Livron, Tarn-Et-Garonne (France)
Céline Lamérand, Liudmila Shirokova, Pascale Bénézeth and Oleg Pokrovsky

Lacustrine freshwater microbialites: a case study from Lake Sevan (Armenia, lesser Caucasus)
Claude Colombié, Sébastien Joannin, Agathe Martignier, Mathieu Schuster, lilit Sahakyan and Edwige Pons-Branchu

The role of the substrate on the mineralization potential of microbial mats in a modern freshwater river (Paris Basin, France)
Adeline Roche, Emmanuelle Vennin, Irina Bundeleva, Anthony Bouton, Dahédrey Payandi-Rolland, Philippe Amiotte-Suchet, Éric. C Gaucher, Hélène Courvoisierand Pieter T. Visscher

Living in an Anoxic World: Arsenic and Sulfur Cycling Support Lithification of Microbial Mats
Pieter T. Visscher, Anthony Bouton, Kimberley L. Gallagher, Andrea Somogyi, Maria E. Farías, Manuel Contreras, Pascal Phillipot and Christophe Dupraz

► Microbialites in modern Hypersaline environments

Microbialites in modern hypersaline environments Modern Microbialites of Pozo Bravo Lake: a new deposit in the Argentine Puna (Catamarca province)
Augustina I. Lencina, Mariana N. Soria, Fernando J. Gómez and Maria E. Farías

Microbial mats and carbonates in modern and ancient saline-alkaline lakes of the Iberian Peninsula
Connor Doyle, Stefan Schroeder and Juan Pablo Corella

Carbonate Deposits from Sabkha Oum Dba (Western Sahara, Morocco) : Facies, Processes and Comparison with Present-Day Environment
Patricio G. Villafañe, Augustina I. Lencina, Leonardo Fadel Cury and Maria E. Farías

New different Modern Microbialites deposits in Puna of Catamarca, Argentine
Mariana N. Soria, Augustina I. Lencina, Luis A. Saona, Tatiana M. Stepanenko, María F. Colla and Maria E. Farías

Carbonate Deposits from Sabkha Oum Dba (Western Sahara, Morocco) : Facies, Processes and Comparison with Present-Day Environment
Marlisa Martinho de Brito, Robert Barbieri, Barbara Cavalazzi and Eduardo I. Alves

Abiotic and biotic controls on the structure and mineralogy of microbialites of the Pastos Grandes laguna (Bolivia)
Cédric Bougeault, Emmanuelle Vennin, Christophe Durlet, Elodie Muller, Mathilde Mercuzot, Emmanuelle Gérard, Magali Ader, Aurélien Virgone and Éric C. Gaucher

Comparative study of Carbonate Microbialites and associated Microbial Mats of the hypersaline Laguna Negra lake, Argentinean Andes
Flavia J. Boidi, Fernando J. Gómez, Alexander S. Bradley and Maria E. Farías

The origin and significance of gypsum deposits in a hypersaline rift lake (Lake Afdera, Afar, Ethiopia)
Eva De Boever, Anneleen Foubert, Valentin Rime, Patrizia Wyler, Jean- Charles Schaegis, H. Addis, Haileyesus Negga, Atnafu Balemwal, Torsten Vennemann and Tesfaye Kidane

► Modeling studies of and approaches towards understandings microbial deposits

From marine microbialites to hypersaline stromatolites: insights into their spatial heterogeneity through micro-CT scanning techniques
Anneleen Foubert, David Jaramillo-Vogel, Daniel Birgel, Haileyesus Negga and Juan Carlos Braga

The biochemistry of EPS from the cyanobacterial strain synechococcus pcc 7942 in the context of calcium carbonate precipitation
Irina Bundeleva, Isabelle Zeigler-Devin, Nicolas Brosse and Frédéric Marin

Prediction of the calcium carbonate budget in a sedimentary basin: A “source-to-sink” approach applied to Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Anthony Bouton, Emmanuelle Vennin, Philippe Amiotte-Suchet, Christophe Thomazo, Jean-Pierre Sizun, Aurélien Virgone, Éric C. Gaucher and Pieter T. Visscher

Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Biosignatures of the Archean Continental Biosphere: A Comparison with Modern Analogs
Christophe Thomazo, Estelle Couradeau, Ana Maria Giraldo-Silva, Johanna Marin-Carbonne, Arnaud Brayard, Martin Homann, Pierre Sansjofre, Stefan V. Lalonde and Ferran Garcia-Pichel

Microbially mediated YREE-enriched manganese deposit in the Ytterby mine, Sweden
Susanne Sjöberg and Christophe Dupraz

► Microbialites in the fossil record

Biotic and abiotic signatures in the freshwater carbonates, Early Jurassic Kota limestone, India
Suparna Goswami and Parthasarathi Ghosh

Characterization and distribution of the microbialites within lacustrine series: The example of the Maastrichtian-Danian Yacoraite Fm, Salta Basin, Argentina
Youri Hamon, Sébastien Rohais, Rémy Deschamps and Marta Gasparrini

A paired carbon isotope investigation of the 2.94 Ga Red Lake stromatolitic carbonate platform, Ontario, Canada
Pierre Sansjofre, Philip Fralick, Martin Homann, Munira Afroz, the Earthbloom team and Stefan V. Lalonde

Did the primitive biosphere really drive global carbon isotope excursions in deep time? A re-examination of the carbon isotope lever hypothesis
Stefan V. Lalonde and Pierre Sansjofre

Early Triassic continuous proliferation of microbial deposits
Emmanuelle Vennin, Anthony Bouton, Gwenaël Caravaca, Nicolas Olivier, Christophe Thomazo and Arnaud Brayard

How much time did it take a stromatolite to grow? Limagne basin, Massif central, France
Aurélia Wattine, Emmanuelle Vennin, Christophe Lécuyer, André Nel and Dario de Francesci

Organic and inorganic isotopic signatures in basal Triassic microbialites from South China
Pierre-Yves Collin, Jean Lévêque, Anne-Lise Santoni, Théophile Coquerez, Ludovic Bruneau and Sylvie Crasquin